“Love has failed me. Faith has left me.
Thus, I seek beauty. But beauty always
leads me back to love.”





  1. M.L.K. is about Martin Luther King, Jr., and his mother, father, and wife. This show explores the personal side of the King family throughout the years of the civil rights movement.


  1. Hunger is a play about young women, food, body image, and eating disorders.

If Sin There Be in Love

  1. If Sin There Be in Love is a drama (with humor) focusing on the unconventional love lives of two of England’s most famous poets, Percy Shelley and Lord Byron, along with Mary Shelley and Mary’s stepsister Claire. The play explores sexual morality through the characters' involvement in a wide range of intimate activities, asking the question, How far can we go in the name of love?

Out of Ignorance

  1. Out of Ignorance is based on true stories and explores the relationship that develops between an old Holocaust survivor and a young man involved in a neo-Nazi group.

Captain Jack: Chief of the Modocs

  1. Captain Jack: Chief of the Modocs is a Native American historical tragedy based on events that occurred in the 1870s.

Love and the Crushing Hand

  1. Love and the Crushing Hand is based on a 19th century Scottish tale that presents a series of dramatic encounters on the themes of love, lust, evil, fate, and the joy that is sometimes found when love and fate allow it.


Tilbury Town

  1. Tilbury Town is an intimate, literary musical in which many of the songs are poems by famous poets that have been set to music. The primary setting of the play is Tilbury Town Café, a coffeehouse with folk music and poetry readings, located in a small New England college town.


  1. Starkids is a half-hour musical for young children about making friends with aliens and working together to defeat some evil people.


Morag of the Glen

  1. A Scottish tale about love, ghosts, and revenge.

Wordsworth and Coleridge: In the Footsteps of Genesis

  1. Two poets try to heal their broken friendship.

The Resurrection of Samuel Taylor Coleridge

  1. Coleridge rises from the depths of opium-induced despair.

The Sin-Eater

  1. A Scottish death ritual goes wrong.

Percy Bysshe Shelley: A Rebel Attitude

  1. Nineteen-year-old Shelley argues with his father about religion, work, morality, and money.

The Strange Dreams of Rabbi Wechsler

  1. The true story of a nineteenth-century German rabbi who had premonitory dreams of the annihilation of Europe’s Jews.


Haydon’s Rage

  1. After devoting his life to the highest ideals of art, he finds he can no longer go on.

Secret Joy

  1. A tale of silkies, creatures who are both human and seal.

The Destruction of Wilhelm Reich

  1. As they burn his books, Reich rails against the little-mindedness of men.